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The winner who has won a trip for two to New York worth up to $10,000 :

Tessa Hansen Cane

Banoffee Bagel ‘Mille Feuille’ Stack

Banoffee Bagel ‘Mille Feuille’ Stack

I was trying to come up with something really unusual but ridiculously delicious and irresistible and so I invented the “Banoffee Bagel ‘Mille Feuille’ Stack,” which is a new take on a French classic, mille feuille or ‘1000 leaves’.

It consists of delicate layers of natural Abe’s bagels finely sliced, toasted and then stacked with a caramel mascarpone whip filling, fresh fairtrade bananas and tart freeze dried black doris plums. Topped off with a maple toffee crumb of Abe’s bagel crisps, almonds and walnuts, and drizzled with warm caramel sauce.

If you still need convincing, take a look at the pic!

The runner-ups who have each won a Dualit 4 Slice Toaster, valued at $400 each:

Irene Eades

Bagel of Liberty

Bagel of Liberty

In 1907 the International Bagel Union began to monopolise New York City bringing a cartel mentality to bagel production. It wanted uniformity and to find cheaper ways to make bagels with cheaper ingredients so the union could maximise its store owners profits!!!

There was one bagel however that went against the crowd and stood out on its own. there was one Bagel that stood up for its self and said “i will not conform to a set of rules” I will not conform to buying the cheapest ingredients” . I will not make the fat Man bagel boss Rich!!

“Give me Liberty” screamed the small family owned bagel store, and I will give back to New York the Liberty bagel!

With the help of Abe’s Grandmas homemade tomato relish sandwiched between two lightly fire roasted Sesame seed buns, richly smeared with Gruyere from Fribourg Switzerland. Abe added Jalepenos for the sharp bite with an equally quick rebalancing brought in by the cream cheese. The Bulgarian village pastrami added the masterstroke of taste and quality that separated it from the Cartel fast food Bagel.

Abe’s “bagel of liberty” stood up for the small hardworking immigrants that pioneered New York City over a Century ago and continues today to give the working man a Real Choice!!

Marion James

Marion James

My six favourite Bagel toppings go like this:

Abe’s Multigrain Bagel with generous dollops of hummus and slices of tomato topped with tangy green olives and cracked pepper. Healthy, hearty and very tasty.

The classic of chunks of cream cheese and lashings of smoked salmon topped with capers, cracked pepper and lemon zest on Abe’s The Natural Bagel is simply superb.

What about slathering a layer of butter on a Perfectly Parmesan Abe’s Bagel, then adding marmite with slices of tomato and rings of finely sliced red onion.   A seriously excellent combination.

The Blat; you can’t go past juicy bacon, fancy lettuce, smashed avocado, wedges of tomato and cracked pepper on an Abe’s Super Sesame Seed Bagel. Always a winner.

What about a breakfast Bagel…think Eggs Benedict served a la Natural Abe’s Bagel with a thin smear of mustard, large slices of thick ham, spinach, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce…Yum!

But wait, think sweet with Abe’s Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel…try caramelized banana in its own sauce with melted chocolate, bacon, cinnamon and a hit of citrus with morsels of fresh orange. Seriously the best!

Our family ate all six delicious Abe’s Bagel toppings for family Sunday brunch this week, and attached is a photo of our Bagel Bonaza!

Liv Glazebrook

Ode to the Kiwi Bagel

An ode to the Kiwi founders and Abe’s Bagels birthplace,
These New York inspired bagels are absolutely ace!
There’s savoury to the left, and sweet treats to the right,
Showcasing the best of Kiwiana – a New Zealander’s favourite bite.
When you have a lunchtime hankering for a classic kiwi roast,
But something abit more fancy than the boring mince on toast,
Try the deconstructed ‘pie’ which is NZ lamb, mixed with caramelised onions too,
Herbs, gravy and spinach all best washed down with a cold L and P brew.
If pies ain’t your thing, there’s fush and chups to eat,
Tui Beer battered fish is always hard to beat.
A layer of Kiwi onion dip lies beneath the fish,
And a drizzling of Watties Tuimato sauce complements the dish.
When it comes to dessert, we’ve got the pavlova cooked,
The Edmonds cookbook certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.
Torched meringue, fresh strawbs and some trusty kiwifruit,
There’s nothing a true Kiwi could possibly substitute.
Not to forget the chocolate coated pineapple which really adds a twist,
Designed to mimic the pineapple lump, what else is on the list?
If you’re more of a lamington fan, no worries that is here,
A chocolate raspberry hybrid – don’t feel obliged to share
The most delicious morsels that Abe’s bagels bakes,
Are dipped in Whittaker’s chocolate, then rolled in coconut flakes.
Finally filled with raspberry coulis and packed with double cream,
A sprinkle of freeze dried berries, don’t wake me from this dream.   
It’s one thing to dream these things up, so I made it my next mission,
To take these four delicious bagel ideas and bring them to fruition!

Janet Southern

Janet Southern

Mix together:

  • mascarpone
  • organic cacao nibs
  • chopped fresh strawberries
  • chopped fresh mint leaves
  • a dash of vanilla essence

Serve on Abe’s Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel.  YUM

Bernadette Hendry

Bernadette Hendry

The bagel is a divine thing, and I think they should not only taste beautiful but look beautiful too!

My sweet tooth and imagination went into overdrive and these were the results:

*Before topping I brushed each Abe’s Natural Bagel with melted butter, lightly grilled them and allowed to cool a bit.*

  • Chocolate  Bourbon Buttercream with Raspberries & Toffee Praline.
  • Peanut Butter Frosting with Snickers, drizzled with Chocolate Sauce  & sprinkled with chopped Salted Nuts.
  • Rum flavoured Cream Cheese Frosting with Lime Marmalade & Toasted Coconut Flakes.
  • Strawberry Margarita Frosting with Fresh Strawberries & a Lime Wedge.

(Of course the dash of alcohol flavour could be omitted & they would still be sensational!)