Delicious bagels, made the authentic way since day dot.

Twenty years is a long time to obsess about getting one small thing 200% right. That’s how long we’ve spent making sure ABE’S are the best bagels you can get your mitts on.

It all started when Megan and Brent discovered the humble bagel. They jetted over to the US on a stop-at-nothing mission to learn everything they could about bagels. They learnt from some of the world’s best, who taught them the ultimate way to mix and proof the dough and how to bake it to crispy, chewy, dense perfection.

After copping all this know-how they brought it home, opened NZ’s first bagel café in downtown Auckland and ABE’S was born. Since then, we’ve done nothing but work to master our ninja bagel-making chops.

We shoot for perfection with every bagel, and we ship them out to you every single day.

We taught Kiwis how to love the bagel, after which it was time to show the Aussies a thing or two. That’s why our bagels are available in all major supermarkets in Australia and NZ.